Locally-Sourced Ingredients

At National Pasta, we are proudly Canadian, and feature 100% Canadian products. Here are a few reasons why you'll be proud to purchase our products, too.

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Chemical-Free Products

National Pasta is proud to partner with Canadian farms and businesses to showcase high-quality Canadian ingredients through our products. In purchasing and distributing exclusively within the Canadian market, we conserve energy and reduce the greenhouse gasses that come with International export, delivery, and distribution. You can be sure that National Pasta products are free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers that are used to maintain freshness of imported goods over long distances, and are free of harmful irriadiation practices used to kill bacteria from travelling food.

Ethical Stewardship Practices

A commitment to supporting local farmers means an investment in well-managed farms and strong stewardship practices which include but are not limited to conservation of fertile soil with non-harmful chemicals, and the maintenance of safe water resources. This also means an investment in humane and cruelty-free animal practices, which mean animal products that are free from harmful growth hormones. This responsible planning and management of resources has long-term implications for sustainable development of Canadian farm lands.

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Buying Local Supports Canadian Families... 

Not only is this great for the environment, but for your family, too. A shorter distance between farm to table helps to ensure the fresh, nutrient-dense properties of your food are preserved. Locally sourced produce are better for you, as well as better looking and tasting, too. Our sustainably sourced animal products, for example, have higher levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta carotene than factory farmed products. Because our ingredients are organic and locally sourced, you can be sure that everything National Pasta offers will be is hand-picked, crafted and customized. This means a consistently fresh, flavorful experience of the highest quality every time.

... and Businesses

Most importantly, this commitment helps us to sustain a rich Canadian economy. We work exclusively with Canadian farmers, suppliers and distributors that share our standards and our commitment to safe food practices.

• Our pasta is made using 100% Canadian grade semolina wheat from Saskatchewan.
• Produce such as asparagus and tomatoes are produced by Ontario farmers.
• Meats, cheeses and eggs are sourced from Ontario distributors.

Championing local farmers means stronger local communities, which better ensures vibrant futures for every member of the family. Our vision is ultimately to export our products Internationally, and showcase Canada’s rich identity, sustainable practices, and high-quality products.

We believe supporting Canadian food partners is an important step toward creating sustainable lifestyles for our families and yours, and that this support has the power to drastically reduce our national carbon footprint.

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