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National Pasta can partner with you to produce your own brand of pasta products. We have years of experience producing our own brand and helping major grocery retailers and farmers produce their own brands. That expertise can be leveraged to help increase your product's market share. From marketing and packaging design to innovative ingredients to satisfy the latest food trends, National Pasta is the perfect partner for your company.

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Our Pasta Expertise, Your Brand

We can help you design your pasta line from scratch or add to your existing line up of products. We can identify cost saving measures, new product ideas, or shortcomings in your current brand. National Pasta products can outsell those national brands and your customers will appreciate the high quality ingredients and innovative products.

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Research & Development

Our team of chefs and production managers are always working on the latest product trends. In the past year, we've developed several gluten free alternatives and a high protein and low calorie pasta line. When you sit down with our pasta experts, you will be amazed at the amount of knowledge they have about our industry. All of that knowledge will be used to help make your private label products a success.

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Production Facilities

Choose the type of die you want for your product (teflon, bronze, laminated, quick cook) and choose the shape and length of your pasta (long, short, elbow, nests, lasagna sheets, etc.) Our facility, located in Cambridge Ontario, is a clean and modern manufacturing plant with the equipment and staff to meet your product demand (our newer and even more cutting edge facility is under construction right now).

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Quality Canadian Ingredients

Our team works very hard to source the highest quality Canadian ingredients. We can source gluten free alternatives, whole grains, multigrains in organic and regular varieties.


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Customizable Packaging and Design

Once you have your perfect recipe and ingredients, you can pick the packaging you want. We have a multitude of packaging options available (pillow, double square bag, square bag, box, flow pack, etc.) and you can choose the sizes and portions to suit your customer demands. Our team can even help with the design of display ready cases and marketing and branding ideas for your private label pasta brand.

In today's marketplace, your brand has to stand out. Gone are the days where store brands took a back seat to national brands. National pasta is the perfect choice for your brand. Contact Joey at 519 624 3434 for samples and more information regarding our amazing Private Label program.

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