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It’s Thanksgiving. The plates are set, the fridge is stocked, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the impending holidays. You’re worrying about the cost of gifts, the change in weather, and especially how you’re going to survive the season without busting your belt loop. Sound familiar?

Instead of creating added pressure and stress surrounding your food, try a perspective reframe. Pretend you’re gearing yourself up to play a game of football and looking for a strategy about how to WIN, instead of how to SURVIVE. Get your gear on and get in the game! Here are a few reframe tips.

Snap Start

The best strategy for a strong, long-term plan is to get up and MOVE. It doesn’t matter what it is: but start the day by kick starting your metabolism. Make it a family tradition: involve everyone, and make it fun. Try a goofy turkey trot (with costumes or without), or a sunrise game of flag football. After, eat a hearty breakfast like oatmeal with almonds and fresh blueberries: because in case you didn’t know, carbs are not your enemy! A meal that includes useful carbs paired with the right foods will keep you feeling more satiated, and balance out your blood sugar for the rest of the day.

Useful Fuel

The most obvious way to guarantee your win is to have a strong game plan, so let’s talk turkey. Load up with healthy recipes. You don’t even have to modify the tradition too much: make easy trade-offs on your side dishes to not only cut calories but add more functional foods, such as:

  • Swap mashed sweet potatoes with the skins on for added fiber and vitamins, instead of yams with butter and marshmallows
  • Go crazy with non-starchy veggie compliments and the spices. Use garlic in your brussel sprouts, red pepper flakes on your green beans, and cumin in your carrots in place of those heavy oils and butters for added nutritional value
  • Drizzle one of our National Pasta’s High-Protein pastas with olive oil, then add lemon juice, sea salt, oregano, and fresh basil.

The Half Time Plan

So you went out there and gave it your best: but now you’re coming up for air after a semi-amnesic state after diving deep on the spinach dip and flaky hors d'oeuvres. What happened? Your inner foodie won. Big deal. Take a locker room break, walk it off, get your strategy together. Don’t throw in the towel so easily.

Throw Out The Rule Book and Innovate

Sometimes you have to switch up your strategy. Who says you HAVE to cook that big heavy bird? Make your main feature a pasta dish using one of National Pasta’s Healthy Choice Pastas! Made with bean and legume flours, they pack a powerful protein punch: however, if you’re really missing the turkey, throw some in ground, or add in skinless turkey breast to keep the festive flavor alive. Or, celebrate with National Pasta’s Thanksgiving Inspired Ravioli. You heard us: ravioli stuffed with turkey, cranberry, and traditional spices like sage. Pairs great with a rosemary and sage infused olive oil and top with fresh black pepper.

If you have any favourite traditional pasta recipes, let us know: we might just feature them on our Christmas blog AND you could win a $50 gift card to spend at any National Pasta location!


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