It seems illogical, but the rising use of antibiotics in livestock production has become a major concern for our health. Because of the role antibiotics play in helping us rid our bodies of harmful bacteria when we are unwell, we tend to think of this as a useful practice; one that would keep animals well, also.

Hallowe’een candy is on clearance, and the Christmas decorations are already filling the shelves: it’s beginning to look a lot like early November.

It’s Thanksgiving. The plates are set, the fridge is stocked, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the impending holidays. You’re worrying about the cost of gifts, the change in weather, and especially how you’re going to survive the season without busting your belt loop. Sound familiar?

Summer is a great season for celebrating, vacationing, and indulging. Luckily, September is a great time to return to healthy habits, including a focus on more wholesome ways of eating. According to one University of College London study, it takes an average of 66 days for a behaviour to become a habit: so while it can be difficult to get back on track, setting a few manageable healthy eating habits now can support more balanced eating going into the holidays.

National Pasta’s commitment to healthy living is always developing. As we learn about advances in food production, and as our chefs experiment with new recipes and ingredients, we are proud to offer our loyal customers more options to eat clean and increase their quality of life.

The great majority of people are always looking to improve their overall eating patterns and make more informed food choices; and with all kinds of low-calorie, fast fix diets clogging your newsfeed and competing for your attention, the idea of digging down into that big bowl of linguine might sound more like a “cheat day food” than a healthy meal choice. Negative buzz words like carbs, calories and gluten might have you feeling a bit panicked and asking the question: is there room for pasta in a healthy food plan?

We all know how great a big bowl of hot and hearty pasta can warm us up in the winter. Have no fear, pasta lovers! You can keep your pasta love affair sizzling on the side during the summer months.

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It’s rare in the midst of hockey schedules and meetings that the average family has the time to prepare a fresh, gourmet meal and sit down at the table together anymore. But what are the hidden costs of keeping busy? 

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