Any excuse for pasta, right? But we’ll let you in on a little secret: a pasta bar is the ideal meal to serve at your next party. All in one you can tempt a variety of palates, appease picky eaters, cater to a wide range of dietary requirements, and all with minimal preparation. Sound too good to be true?

With some careful planning and prep you’ll have your guests talking about your tasty triumph for years to come!

In your invitation, you included a request that guests notify you know about any dietary requirements (right?). Ideally, you want to know a week in advance so that you can get a hold of your ingredients in a timely manner – especially if you plan to make anything from scratch. Provide all of the components of at least one full pasta dish in your bar, and offer additions that complement the basic flavour. For example, if you’re going with classic spaghetti, you’ll present your guests with spaghetti noodles, marinara sauce, meatballs, and shredded parmesan cheese. Let guests customize their plate by also offering meat sauce and sautéed vegetables like onions and mushrooms.

Wow, your crowd by offering 2 or 3 different sauces, and a variety of meats, sautéed vegetables, and cheeses. Choose items that ensure guests can’t go wrong with their selections.

If you’re feeding the family you can set the pasta bar up in your everyday use serving bowls with trivets underneath to protect the surface from heat. If you’re feeding a crowd it’s wise to rent chafing dishes to keep everything at a safe Pasta Bar blog contenttemperature until you have the opportunity to pack it away properly. Make things easy on your guests by rolling each set of cutlery in a napkin for grab-and-go efficiency, and set up the beverage centre in a separate location to keep lines moving and guests happy.

Making your sauce from scratch? Nonna would be proud! You can do that the day before and reheat the sauce in time for dinner. Sauteé your vegetables while your pasta boils and your meat sizzles because these are best served freshly cooked. Always drain your pasta before adding it to the pasta bar! Be cautious if you’re tempted to add oil to the cooked pasta to make it easier to dish out because it may cause the sauce to slide right off each delicious bite. Pasta spoons and tongs will do the trick, not to worry.

Ensure that you have extra uncooked pasta and a back-up jar of sauce just in case guests are hungrier than expected! Complement your pasta bar with a hearty salad and bread. A beautiful dessert display is always appreciated.
Pasta Bar Suggestions:

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs or Bolognese
  • Fettuccini Alfredo
  •  Pasta Carbonara
  •  Tetrazzini
  •  Pesto Pasta
  •  Ravioli or Tortellini
  •  Macaroni and Cheese (hey, someone’s going to love it!)
  •  Summertime Cold Pasta Salad!

 At National Pasta we consider every meal a celebration. You don’t need to host a party to have a pasta bar, we’re sure your family will appreciate the efforts. Stop into our shops at 715 Wellington Street West in Guelph and 25 Struck Court Unit 3 in Cambridge to stock up on our fresh pasta!

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