You’ve spent the spring getting your yard ready to entertain, and your patience has paid off: summer has arrived! And in style: This season is bound to be a hot one! With these top summertime entertaining tips, and meal suggestions from your neighbourhood National Pasta shop, you can focus on good times and making memories with you family and friends all summer long.

Summer Party Tips:

  1. Use frozen fruit instead of ice to keep cold drinks refreshing without watering them down. Stock up on seasonal fruits and freeze them in a single layer on a baking pan lined with wax or parchment paper. Remove the fruit from the paper and store in an airtight bag in the freezer and you won’t have to work too hard to chip off what you need at party time, or when you pour a summer sipper for one.
  2. Encourage guests to guzzle water by infusing pitchers with herbs and fruit. Just add them to the pitcher and you’re done! This is best to make ahead the night before, but you can still taste success by putting your mix together the morning of. Popular add-ins are cantaloupe, cucumber and mint, and any single or combination of citrus fruits. Invent your own combinations, and don’t be afraid to mix fruit and herbs together. Be sure to use fresh ingredients rather than dried or frozen for full flavour as well as a beautiful display.
  3. Skip the mayo in hot weather and serve salads with vinaigrette. This suits garden salad as well as rice and pasta salads. Dress your salads to impress by providing a salad bar! It’s still a good idea to refrigerate all food items as soon as you’re done serving. Better yet, set up your buffet in the kitchen to avoid food from spoiling as well as making for easy set up and cleanup.
  4. Be a thoughtful host and schedule your party for the morning, or late afternoon to evening to avoid midday heat and sun exposure. Keep sunscreen and bug spray handy for guests, water plentiful, and if it’s really hot don’t be afraid to move the party indoors.

National Pasta makes elegant entertaining easy. We’ve got pasta for all of your entertaining needs. Have you tried our Healthy Grains Red Lentil Rotini in a pasta salad yet? You should! Check out our meat selection, in which we proudly offer Canadian-raised free-range chicken, succulent sausages, hot dogs that hit the spot, and AAA New York steak aged a minimum 35 days. Peruse our selection of Mamma Mari’s BBQ sauce in a variety of flavours and heat; gluten free!

But wait, there’s more! Give your guests the taste of Europe with our imported antipasto items and satisfy the sweet tooth with cookies, candies, and more. Looking for a thank you gift for teachers? Put together your own gift basket, or pick up a gift card! Stop in to see what’s in store at 715 Wellington St. West in Guelph or 25 Struck Court Unit 3 in Cambridge today.

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