Q: How much pasta is one serving?

A: This varies from person to person, especially adults vs. children and dietary needs, but generally speaking 1 adult serving is about half a cup of cooked pasta, or ¼ cup uncooked pasta. For detailed nutritional information refer to the original packaging. It’s better to cook more than you need in case guests are extra hungry, and it makes packing leftovers for lunch a breeze.

Q: How much does pasta grow when cooked?

A: Expect pasta to double in size. This is why it’s important to use a large pot with lots of water, to ensure that as the pasta expands it still has lots of room to move and cook evenly.

Q: How much pasta sauce per pound of meat?

boiling pastaA: Balance about 1lb of meat to 1 average-sized jar of sauce, which is around 650g or 2.75 cups. But you cook the meat first, so ideally add the cooked meat gradually to the sauce until it looks the way you want – carefully taste-testing along the way! It also depends on the meat and the prepared portion sizes: you may want lots of seafood but only a couple of large meatballs. The beauty of pasta sauce is that adding meat is to personal preference. It’s easier to add more sauce than it is to remove meat, and you can freeze cooked meat to use later.

Q: Does pasta expire?

A: Yes it does! Refer to the expiration date on the package. To help you ensure your pasta reaches that expiration date, keep it in a cool, dry place. An airtight container or bag is best. Dry pasta will last longer than fresh.

Q: Does pasta contain eggs?

A: Traditional pasta contains eggs, wheat flour, water, and salt. If you have food sensitivities always read the list of ingredients on the package carefully.

Q: Does pasta need to be rinsed?

A: No! You want your pasta to retain the starchy coating because it helps sauce stick to the individual noodles as they travel from fork to mouth rather than fork to shirt. Don’t be tempted to rinse pasta to cool it while your finish cooking your meal! Instead, cook your pasta last. You may want to quickly rinse pasta for pasta salad if you prefer a smooth texture.

Q: Can cooked pasta be frozen?

A: Yes, you can freeze cooked pasta, but you want to cook it al dente, and you want to freeze it without sauce. There’s a good chance your reheated pasta will change in texture. If you’re looking for convenient pasta meals we recommend

  1. That you freeze sauce and cook pasta fresh each time, and
  2. purchase prepared meals from National Pasta!

Our stores are ready to help you plan your next meal, whether it’s for the family or a weekend crowd. Visit our locations in Cambridge at 25 Struck Court Unit 3 or 715 Wellington Street West in Guelph 7 days a week!

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