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It’s a new year and you’re ready to take on new challenges. Why not get a little saucy? A fresh take on nutrition and food is a common New Year’s resolution, and adding some new sauces to your repertoire, or even just your pantry, can help liven up your newly developed menu. Looking to add more vegetables to your diet? There’s a sauce for that! Interested in the health benefits of various herbs? Add them to sauce! Here is a list of some popular sauces – Italian and otherwise – to help you understand dishes you thought you knew, and to bolster your Must Try list.

Tomato-based sauces:

Tomato-based sauces are standard fare in North American Italian cooking, and can accompany a vast amount of dishes from the traditional pastas to meatloaf. 

Tomato sauce, or red sauce, at its most basic recipe is a blend of water, tomatoes or tomato paste, and herbs. That’s it! Simple, easy to make your own with additional ingredients (like wine!), and accompanies a wide variety of dishes. Pasta SauceSometimes also called sugo, which literally translates from Italian to English as “sauce”. Marinara is a version of basic tomato sauce that may include additional vegetables. Arrabiata is spicy red sauce.
Bolognese is your classic meat and tomato sauce, the one you’re most likely to serve at home and find on North American restaurant menus.

Cream Based Sauces

Cream-based sauces are comfort food. These traditionally rely on cream and butter and can range from a purposefully mild flavour or pack a garlic or cheesy punch. They have international origins, particularly French and Italian, and tend to go well with seafood pasta dishes, bacon and pancetta. Doesn’t everything go well with pancetta?

White sauce, called béchamel by French chefs, includes flour and is dressed up with cheese and served with vegetables or pasta.

Alfredo sauce is the Italian version of white sauce with a heart of parmesan cheese, and sometimes garlic, served most often on pasta.

Dill sauce is an enhanced white sauce often served with fish, particularly salmon. See how versatile white sauce is!

Sauces of all kinds have a basic starting point – tomatoes and water or cream and butter – then it’s up to the chef to personalize it with additional ingredients to suit the dish, individual tastes, or chosen because those are the ingredients on hand. Traditional recipes tend to be based on what was widely available regionally and seasonally, which is why so many sauces have regional names. You’ve also got your salad dressings, and other oil-based sauces like vinaigrette and pestos, marinades and barbeque sauces – sauce is limited only to creativity.

You can adjust sauce to suit dietary restrictions, health-conscious decisions, and tastes. No need to go bland with your New Year’s food revolutions. National Pasta sauces (and pastas!) are proudly Canadian made with locally sourced and natural ingredients. Stop by one of our shops today and taste the difference quality makes at 25 Struck Court Unit 3 in Cambridge or 715 Wellington St. W in Guelph.

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