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When you think of comfort food visions of biscuits and gravy may float through your head, but at National Pasta it’s lasagna. Those indulgent layers of pasta, sauce, cheese set off a sensory sensation like no other food. One of our most popular products, we offer it in 3 flavour combinations to appease every lasagna fan out there, and there are a lot of you! What kind of lasagna enthusiast are you? Do you fancy yourself a traditionalist, or are you into the modern takes on lasagna? And which one do you take with you to the family potluck this year?


Here’s what you need to know about lasagna: it’s Italian in origin, and there really is no wrong way to make it. You want a vegetable lasagna with béchamel sauce? You go for it. You want tomato sauce, meat, and cheese in between your layers of noodles? All yours. The layers in a lasagna in Italy back in those early lasagna days depended on what ingredients were available regionally, seasonally, and to the cook’s taste. Even the noodles were dependent on the availability of flour and eggs. Some lasagnas had tomato sauce, some had béchamel. It was at the whim of the chef, and much like a North American casserole, as long as you had a variety of complimentary flavours that would bake well in a hot oven, your lasagna was delicious. Hungry yet?! NationalPasta blog lasagna dec 2017

In addition to being comfort food, lasagna is also a stress-reducing dish. There’s a lot more to lasagna than a brick of meat, cheese, and noodles doused in sauce. There is a burst of flavour in every bite because there is a variety of cheeses and spices in those layers. That’s why it’s so widely appealing, and why it makes the perfect meal for so many occasions.

You should serve lasagna when:

  • Your in-laws are coming for dinner.
  • You want to impress your date.
  • You landed a new job.
  • Your friend had a baby.
  • You’re invited to a potluck.
  • You’re hosting a potluck.
  • For Christmas, New Year’s or Easter dinner.

Now, we know what you’re thinking on that last bit. Lasagna for a holiday meal? Absolutely! Did we mention comfort food? There’s a lasagna out there for everyone. You could even present multiple lasagnas. Serve it up with some warm fresh bread and a simple salad. We highly recommend lasagna during the Christmas season! How many holiday dinners do you have to attend, and how many of those will be serving turkey or ham? Go with lasagna to change it up and avoid turkey fatigue. You know what else goes well with lasagna? Wine. See, it’s the perfect holiday meal!

You don’t have time to put together a lasagna or 3 this holiday season, but that’s okay because National Pasta does. Come in and pick up our meat, chicken, or vegetable lasagnas; all 3 available in small or large sizes. Need some sides and dessert in a hurry? How about a host gift? We’ve got it all! Just stop in to our shop in Guelph at 715 Wellington St. West or in Cambridge at 25 Struck Court just off of Pinebush Road.

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