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‘Tis the season of potluck! Asking guests to contribute to the celebration’s meal takes a lot of stress out of hosting duties, it can add a bit of strain to guests. On top of juggling a full season of social events, now you’ve got to plan a dish, make it, pack it, and set it up at someone else’s home. You’ve got plenty of resources online, and in your collection of cookbooks, but the choices are so many that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Avoid resorting to chips and dip; let National Pasta take the stress out of potlucks this holiday season!

You can ask your host questions about whether you can use their oven, or if they have room for a crockpot, but the best way to survive potluck season is to be entirely self-sufficient. You may be tempted to think about allergies and food sensitivities of other guests, and that’s wonderful, but don’t stress out about that – guests should take their own dietary needs in the dishes they bring in order for the potluck to succeed. There is no one-dish-suits-all so choose something YOU like! You may need to invest in some quality potluck equipment for best success, such insulated carriers or serving trays to keep food hot or cold for the duration of transport and serving and they are well-worth it to keep your options open but your anxiety low.

Potluck does not mean make from scratch. It is not only reasonable but respectable to buy something for the party. Stop in to a National Pasta location to get everything you need to whip up a dish, or buy one already made. We’ve got lots of meal items ready for sharing, like our cabbage rolls and chicken cacciatore. Need your meal packaged in a foil container to keep it hot throughout the party? Contact us in advance and we’ll take great care of you!

Stroll through our European grocery aisles aisles for a variety of antipasto selections, bread dippers, and specialty ingredients for you at-home chefs. You can even pick up something special as a host gift, or for the mystery gift exchange! Dessert has never been easier. We recommend you tote along a selection of our finest European cookies, chocolates, and candies for everyone to enjoy with tea and coffee after the meal is over. You’ll be the star of the guest list with this thoughtful and easily enjoyed contribution!

Finally, supply your own serving spoons, tongs, lifters, or toothpicks – whatever guests may need to access your delectable delight with ease. If you’re bringing a dish that is often served in large portions such as lasagna or even a cheese tray, slice it up into potluck-sized servings ahead of time. Label your dishes, your utensils and carriers with your name in case you forget anything at the host’s house – particularly if you borrowed it from Mama!

National Pasta stores are located in Guelph at 715 Wellington St. West and in Cambridge at 25 Struck Court Unit 3. We’re looking forward to helping you and your loved ones celebrate the holidays.

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