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By Guest Blogger Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels

Have you ever picked up a camera and fiddled with the settings trying to replicate a certain effect or feel that you’ve seen in magazines? It seems like anything you do just doesn’t quite get you the results you were aiming for. With phone camera technology as astounding as it is today, you take great photos but there’s something missing.

What does this have to do with pasta? Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels loves pasta! Particularly National Pasta. We are a team of website building, graphic designing and social media producing professionals dedicated to making sure even the smallest of businesses has access to quality content – like photography. And you can see all over the National Pasta website how important strategic photography is. From the video clip of the kids cabbage rolls pic1enthusiastically eating their dinner on the homepage to the drool-worthy photos of the hot food in National Pasta’s online store, it won’t take you long to feel how evocative quality images are. But when you’re a small business it’s hard to justify adding that to the budget. We’re here to make the case to find that room.

Professional photographers know how to achieve that final effect you’re looking for. It has a lot to do with settings on the camera itself, but even more to do with angles, lighting, and perhaps most importantly, perspective. You can tell the difference quality makes between a photo taken with a phone and an image from a stylized shoot. Your customers can tell, too, by the way their mouths water at the mere sight of your professionally-styled products and how they feel compelled to stop by your shop on their way home from work.

Food photography is a specialty field; the final product should be a call to action. You want customers to look at your photos and reach for their shopping list or email their sister to say “How about this for Mom’s birthday party?” immediately. To get that effect we photograph food outside of its natural habitat, which means we take it out of the box. You know those food prep videos shot from overhead? They’re appealing for a ton of reasons, one of them being you can imagine yourself whipping up that dish. The same idea applies to photography; you have to show the customer how this food will look on their plates, or fresh from the oven like our National Pasta Prepared Meals shoot. Colour and texture are everything because the right combinations will make the scent and flavours come right through the image.

But how do you make professional photography work with your budget? Get quotes from commercial photographers and consider stock photos. Your use of the photo can dictate whether you need brand-specific shots or whether you can purchase images from an online stock photography website. If you’re posting photos of your inventory on your retail store, you need a photographer. If you’re adding emotion or personality to general areas of your website or on social media, you can go with stock photography. We suggest gathering quotes for a stock photoshoot of your own to use and reuse for ad campaigns. It’s amazing how a graphic designer can take one image and use it 10 different ways depending on that need; it makes booking your own photoshoot worthwhile.

Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels can help you plan your own course of action for business photography and image selection. Call us at 519-624-8888 or visit us at to start planning!

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