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Don’t worry, we won’t show up with fettuccini alfredo – unless it’s a host gift – but we do have some great grilling tips to share and ways to make your summer pasta dishes pop with the flavours only a barbeque can provide. Let’s get this patio party started!

4 Top Tips to Barbeque Excellence

Tip #1: Marinate meat overnight for tenderness and extra flavour. Citrus juices can break down the meat beyond ideal tenderness, so add lemon, lime, and orange juices no earlier than 2 hours before cooking.
Tip #2: Preheat, clean, then turn down the heat. Preheating on high gets the entire BBQ up to temperature and makes for easier cleaning. Cleaning the grill after preheating will help keep your meat and veggies from sticking. Finally, cooking low and slow helps meat reach ideal internal temperatures without burning the outside.
Tip #3: Let meat rest for a few minutes after cooking so that the juices can settle, and don’t poke holes in it. If you have to sacrifice one piece to check for readiness, make sure it’s yours!
Tip #4: Soak wooden skewers in cold water for at least 30 minutes prior to grilling to prevent burning the sticks. Cube your ingredients in advance but plant to skewer them shortly before cooking to allow the sticks to thoroughly soak.

Summer Pasta and the BBQ

Enhance your pasta this summer by firing up the grill! Maybe you don’t want to boil a pot of water on your grill, we get that, but if you tag-team your dinner prep with a buddy you can grill your meats and veggies while your teammate preps the pasta on the stove. For best results grill meat balls or chicken cubes and shrimp on skewers to make turning easier, and to prevent tasty bits from falling through the cracks.
Cut your vegetables in half and barbeque them straight on the grill, or pre-chop and toss them into a grill basket to get a smoky flavour and toasty texture to your pasta party.
Skip the bread and add your grilled meats and veggies to a salad. Warm toppings go especially well with fresh spinach and Momma Mari’s Greek Dressing –available in our shop.

National Pasta for your Barbeque

Speaking of the National Pasta shop, we’ve got a great selection of Canadian raised grill-worthy meats in available year-round, including free-range chicken, succulent sausages, kid-approved hot dogs, and AAA New York steak aged a minimum 35 days. Reminder: Father’s Day is around the corner!

Have you heard about our stock of locally-made Momma Mari’s BBQ Sauce? Momma Mari’s gluten free BBQ Sauce comes to us from just up the road in Orillia, Ontario. We’ve got a great selection in store for your next grilling adventure:

  • Relaxed BBQ Sauce is a mild savoury sauce, suitable for the tamest taste buds.
  • Maple BBQ Sauce is a Canadian classic, combining our love for the grill with our respect for real maple syrup.
  • Sweet BBQ Sauce provides a sweet and savory combination to put a little spring in your summer meals.
  • Sneaky BBQ Sauce turns up the heat the longer your let the sauce simmer on your tongue. Do you dare?
  • Fiery BBQ Sauce is Momma Mari’s second-hottest sauce. We recommend you have milk on stand-by.
  • Holy BBQ Sauce carries and EXTREMELY HOT label for a reason! Serious about your spice? Do we have a sauce for you!

We’re open 7 days a week so stop in to National Pasta at 25 Struck Court in Cambridge or 715 Wellington St. W in Guelph to stock up for your next barbeque today!

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