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You’ve got access to a variety of flours these days, how do you choose? Read about the flours of National Pasta to find out what you should experiment with next.

Red Lentil Flour

Found in: Healthy Grains Pasta (Gluten Free products)
Lentils are part of the legume family, the most famous of which are beans, peanuts, soy, chickpeas, and peas. Red lentil flour is made from whole dried red lentils, also known as a pulse. While all types of lentils have super-charged nutritional benefits, we selected red lentil flour for our gluten free products because of its high protein and fibre content. Red lentils are known to lose their shape when cooked, but our package directions take this into consideration to provide you with hearty pasta that won’t fall apart from pot to serving bowl. Red lentil flour has a taste similar enough to wheat flour to make it a good addition to recipes for muffins, loaves, biscuits, and other quick breads.

Quinoa Flour

Found in: Healthy Grains Pasta (Gluten Free products)
Quinoa is a gluten free seed comparable to grains like barely and rice, long-respected because it rates high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and with vitamins and minerals. Most favourably for those looking to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet, quinoa is a versatile gluten-grain replacement in cooking and baking. Quinoa flour is, unsurprisingly, made from ground quinoa. Use quinoa flour in a multitude of recipes that call for all-purpose flour, either partially or entirely, such as cookies, quick breads, and cakes. Its earthy flavour may make it best blended with other flours – always taste test! It is blended with red lentil flour in our Healthy Grains pasta to add stability and flavour.

Semolina Wheat Flour

Found in: National Pastas (pastas containing gluten)
Aside from being higher in protein, durum wheat is also higher in gluten than other types of wheat, and that higher gluten content helps pasta keep its shape during cooking. Semolina flour is made from the endosperm, the kernel at the heart of the durum wheat grain, making it extraordinarily ideal for shaped pastas, like macaroni. Use semolina flour in baking for tender pastries with a crisp outer layer. A course flour, semolina can also be used to prevent breads and pizza crust from sticking to baking sheets, as a thickener for soups and stews, and made into a hot cereal.

All Purpose Flour

Found in: Pizza crust, panzerotti, breaded meats and appetizers, pierogis
All purpose flour is aptly named! It’s extremely versatile and suitable for most recipes calling for flour. It is often a blend of flours, a combination of bread flour and cake and pastry flour, which is why you can easily whip up a loaf or a cake without having to stock multiple flours in the pantry. Note that, unless clearly marked, all purpose flour is not gluten free.

National Pasta products are Made in Canada with 100% Canadian-sourced ingredients. We offer a variety of delectable treats to suit your every meal or occasion and most dietary needs. Come see what’s in store for you at our Cambridge, or Guelph locations. Online shopping coming soon!

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