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At National Pasta we work diligently to provide our customers with top quality, homegrown and locally-made meals. The latest and greatest move in our mission is to replace our traditional aluminum foil frozen entrée packaging for CPET trays with transparent film seals.

Where the aluminum foil trays were a logical choice initially, CPET trays provide intelligent packaging. Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate (CPET) allow for more accurate cooking methods and they better product shelf life.

CPET trays remain stable through a wide range of temperature changes and ingredient exposure, including the oils and fats that liquefy during cooking. They can protect the contents from freezer burn at as low a temperature as -40°C/F, and retain their shape to ensure effective and ideal cooking up to 220°C (428°F). The process of cooking frozen meals in CPET trays is superior to aluminum foil trays. Easy to follow cooking instructions are customized for each product. It is our goal to provide our customers with ready-made meals that are so close to the satisfaction of homemade that you won’t think twice about reaching into the freezer after work.

The structure of CPET trays is far better than aluminium foil trays; this is where true intelligent design makes a difference. Aluminum trays are standard. It’s a rectangular tray with deep sides. CPET trays are easily mouldable into any size we could imagine, and can be equipped with multiple sections and design elements that will improve the cooking process, such as wells in the bottom to collect moisture and prevent that last layer of pasta from becoming soggy. CPET containers provide improved rigidity, no more worry that the tray will fold when you carry the roast chicken alfredo to the table.

Possibly the best news about CPET trays is that they are both oven and microwave savvy.

Thanks to our packaging switch, we are literally transparent about our cold and frozen meal options because the trays are sealed with crystal-clear film. We have designed wrap-around labels that don’t cover the entire product, allowing you to see for yourself the high quality of our products.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, which is why we still make aluminum packaging available upon request. There are times when CPET trays are not ideal. For example, they aren’t designed to be kept warm after cooking. When you are hosting a party and intend to keep National Pasta’s cheese and spinach cannelloni on the buffet table in a warmer, aluminum trays are still the best. If you want to pre-cook and reheat our cabbage rolls for your next potluck, aluminum trays are best. Plan ahead as meals in aluminum trays are special order, and we need at least 1 week to prepare it for you.

Visit one of our retail stores in Cambridge, or Guelph today and taste the difference our new packaging makes!

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