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If you’ve committed to a new year’s resolution to lose weight or gain a healthier perspective on your eating, the odds are unfortunately not in your favour. According to U.S. News, over 80% of new year’s resolutions fail.

BUT, there’s a reason this seasonal reset is a necessary idea for all of us, so don’t give up. Just as there is a marked change in the seasons, we depend on these ritual endings and new beginnings as a way to return to a more normalized relationship with eating after the holidays (otherwise known as the season of indulgence). We’ve got some useful tips and some healthy food recommendations that can help.

Know Thyself

Are you a coloured sticky note, deadline for every purpose kind of person, who knows that goal setting is a great motivator for you? Do you do better if you have a buddy system to hold you accountable? Or, are you a chronic procrastinator that tends to feel agitated and anxious about keeping your promises?  No need to punish yourself for the way you operate: use it to your advantage. If the buddy system works, plan for a weekend meal prep that includes fun ingredients like fresh pasta and seasonal Ontario vegetables. Procrastinator? Plan a pick-up run for some ready-made healthy meals instead. National Pasta’s Chicken Caccitore is a great choice!

Keep Size in Perspective

Though a number of experts will agree that setting small, incremental goals is a good idea to help keep you on track, planning small meals is a bad one. The deprivation-based mentality that often accompanies a change in diet isn’t built to last, and tends to be one of the main reasons people give in to binge eating and all-out surrender. No need to give up the good stuff! We won’t tell you moderation is key, because it doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, think abundance: contain big meals to lunch instead of dinner. This allows your body a longer time to metabolize. Load up on your favourite dish, like our Cheese Canneloni, and pair it with steamed spinach or seasonal brussel sprouts to aid in digestion.

Make an Occasion out of Every Meal

Take a lesson from the Europeans on this one: meals are meant to be savoured. The Western way of eating tends to be rushed, stressed, and on the go (drive thru, anyone?) But when we use meals as a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones and savour the small details, our bodies have a chance to process what we eat… not to mention our hearts are a little happier, too.

Choose Quality Products

We’ve said it before: not all calories are created equal. While you can find a lot of “low fat” or “low cal” options to replace traditional pasta, process matters. The further refined the pasta, the less nutritional benefit you get; not to mention the quicker you’ll feel hungry again. In comparison, National Pasta’s new line of Healthy Grains offers useful fuel for your body. A great source of plant-based protein, our 100% Organic Healthy Grains Line contains no artificial flavours, and perfect for those with food sensitivities. No gluten, soy, eggs or dairy: just outstanding taste every time.

Remember that healthy eating is a long game: a lifestyle, not a milestone. Stay posted for more inspiration, and pop in to talk about healthy options with us today!

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