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It seems illogical, but the rising use of antibiotics in livestock production has become a major concern for our health. Because of the role antibiotics play in helping us rid our bodies of harmful bacteria when we are unwell, we tend to think of this as a useful practice; one that would keep animals well, also.

Unfortunately, a growing number of researchers believe this isn’t the case: which is why National Pasta has made the commitment to only offer antibiotic free meat. Here’s why.

When you pick up products from a grocery store and purchase them to prepare a healthy family meal, you put a great deal of trust into the systems and standards that have got that product to the shelf. The store itself, for example: but also Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for approving its safety, and the distributors who made the products, too. And while these processes do regulate antibiotic residues in food, prescribing strict protocol and scheduling which livestock producers must abide by, there is a greater concern that use of antibiotics in any form is harmful for our health.

 In the United States, agriculture is responsible for over 80% of antibiotic use. Livestock producers no longer simply use them to keep the animals well, but to speed up growth and to prevent diseases. These escalations are especially apparent within factory farms, where crowded and unsanitary conditions demand higher and higher doses to keep animals alive. This rise in use has many potential negative effects on our health. The more antibiotics we ingest through these meats, the more resistant our bodies become to them. In addition, while these antibiotics treat what some scientists call “weaker” bacteria, they leave behind ones that are harder to destroy, contributing the potential for antibiotic resistant “super bugs.”

Potential consequences on the harmful effects this super production has on the environment and animal welfare have motivated many shoppers to seek a more humane choice when buying their meat. It is because of these concerns that National Pasta has joined the ranks of large companies such as McDonald’s, A & W, and Subway to offer products that families can feel safe and confident in buying.

However, National Pasta’s pledge is based not only in a concern for our customer’s health, but a commitment to the quality that underscores all of our products. The distributors that provide the meat for our delicious, ready-made pasta dishes are Canadian-based, and share our values for quality products. In dealing with Canadian partners, we can better control that the livestock we purchase is responsibly sourced and ethically raised. In many cases, animals are grass fed, and the feed they consume is free of genetically modified ingredients. Purchasing nationally also lessens our company’s carbon footprint, and guarantees that more nutrients are preserved in livestock transit. Paired with National Pasta’s preservative-free sauces and pastas that are made in-house with Canadian flours, cheeses, and produce, we’re confident you’ll taste the difference.

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