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National Pasta’s commitment to healthy living is always developing. As we learn about advances in food production, and as our chefs experiment with new recipes and ingredients, we are proud to offer our loyal customers more options to eat clean and increase their quality of life.

Coming in the fall of 2016, we are proud to launch a new line of high protein pasta called Fit. These pastas are made from a range of high quality ingredients that, as with all National Pasta products, are primarily sourced from Canadian distributors. Depending on the grain used (including quinoa, teff, and chick pea flours), protein content will range from 10 grams to 40 grams per 200 g serving. We are especially proud that National Pasta will be the first to offer a high protein pasta made with lupini flour, sourced from lupini beans: a nutrient dense legume with a host of health benefits.

Our bodies depend upon protein for a wide array of vital functions: not only for building muscle mass, but for other tasks such as food absorption, skin and nail growth, and metabolism regulation. While there are a number of sources for the extra protein you’ll find in high protein pastas out there, not all are created equal. Frequently, these protein sources are wheat based, which make them off limits for anyone with a gluten allergy. In addition, valuable nutritional properties from the wheat can be stripped during the pasta creation process.

Some of the key reasons we’ve made lupini flour our all-star ingredient:

  • High protein percentage: lupini is on average 43% protein, which makes them an ideal and complete substitute for animal proteins (for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!). The essential amino acid chain found in lupini, arginine, can help prevent endothelial dysfunction: a major cause of cardiovascular disease.
  • High fibre content: because of its high fibre content, lupini helps absorb water, aid in food digestion, and maintain overall digestive health. Fibre may also help prevent fat absorption, and reduce the amount of cholesterol entering the blood.
  • Low GI count: because lupini beans are so high in fibre and protein and low in fat and starches, they have the lowest Glycemic Index of any grain! Low glycemic foods help to balance blood sugar, and keep you feeling satiated for longer: a major contributor in controlling appetite that can lead to better weight management.
  • … and its Gluten free!

If you’ve taken a hiatus from your pasta routine because of concern for its high carbohydrate count, or because of your gluten-free diet, Fit will reawaken your love affair with pasta! When you do choose to enjoy National Pasta’s other traditional pastas, you still can make your meal nutrient dense and reap the same health benefits with some easy additions. Pair National Pasta linguine with a small side of lean protein (such as tomato sauce with grain fed ground turkey), or our gnocchi with fresh Ontario vegetables (such as grilled zucchini).

Need recipe inspiration! Stay tuned for recipes using our Fit pasta line on our blog, Penne for your Thoughts.

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