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Instead of picking up fast food on your way home tonight, how about a ready-made meal from National Pasta? Locally-sourced ingredients, reasonably priced, and incredibly delicious: what's not to love? Plan your menu now!

Individual Meals

Meat Lasagna
Cannelloni: with Cheese and Spinach, or Meat
Gnocchi with Meat Sauce
Ravioli with Meat
Seafood Ravioli with Blush Sauce
Fettucine Alfredo
Jumbo Cheese Ravioli
Tortellini with Cheese or Meat
Mini Pizzas: Pepperoni, and Cheese

golden delicious panzerotti

Appetizers and Small Meals (serves 2)

Cannelloni: with Meat or Cheese and Spinach
Chicken Lasagna
Lasagna with Meat
Vegetable Lasagna Alfredo
Cabbage Rolls
Arancini: Mushrooms, Red Pepper and Smoked Bacon, Mozzarella
Roast Potatoes

Family Meals

Fusilli with Meat
Roast Chicken Alfredo
Lasagna: Vegetable, Vegetable Alfredo, Chicken, or Meat

Watch our video of our delicious lasagnas being prepared in our clean manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Ontario

Sausage and Pepper Farfalle
Chicken Parmesan or Veal Parmesan
Cannelloni with Cheese and Spinach
Cabbage Rolls
Beef Shepherd’s Pie
Pizza: Pepperoni, Cheese or Deluxe

Want to make it from scratch? Awesome. Take a look through our product list below and plan your meal now!

ready made meals for your family

Pasta and Ingredients

Gnocchi: Regular, Spinach, Tomato, or Tri Colour
Linguine: Regular or Spinach

amazing fresh pasta

Ravioli: Meat, Seafood, Butternut Squash, or Cheese
Jumbo Ravioli: Cheese, Cheese and Spinach, Mushroom, or Roasted Vegetable
Tortellini: Meat or Cheese
Lasagna Sheets
Pizza Dough


Dolce Tomato
Tuscan Pamarola
Meat Tomato Tomato Basil

national pasta sauces

Roasted Garlic
Roasted Red Pepper
Sambuca Rose

Ready to eat? Find a retail store near you so you can purchase tonight!

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