To our valued customers, in order to reduce the risk of virus infection we will be limiting customers into our retail stores to 3 people at any given time. Go to the Contact Us tab for store hours.



Like the ingredients we choose, each member of our staff has been hand-picked for the unique contribution they bring to the National Pasta team. Our creation and distribution staff come with years of cross-industry experience which include backgrounds in the manufacturing and restaurant industries. Their collective contribution is the perfect recipe for a proficent team who are dedicated to their craft.

National Pasta's reputation for delivering delicious and consistent products is in great part due to the care of our Red Seal Chef, Adam Di Sapio. Under Adam's scrupulous leadership, our staff is held to the same high standards and expectations we have for our products. A few things we’re proud of:

  • Monthly assessment of safety standards and employee review by our Red Seal Chef.
  • Ongoing staff training and certification on emergent safety practices.
  • Weekly evaluation and optimization of safety procedures consistent with emergent best practices, new innovations and technology.
  • Continuing education and training to safeguard the creation of safe, high-quality products.

National Pasta is constantly evolving both our practices and recipes to offer traditional, high-quality products. We also frequently discuss and implement the requests of our customers in order to ensure what we're offering is consistent with their needs. We highly value the contribution and palette of our experienced team in this process. It’s a common weekly practice for us to have tastings, so we can continue to refine and evolve our recipes to reflect the opinions of our staff according to a majority voting system. We’re all serious about our food around here and love to eat, so you can always feel confident that what they’re serving up has been tested, improved, and approved. 

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